Circuit Board: A-Grade
Cable Length: 1.15m
Input: 3.5mm earphone jack
Unit Size: 230x194x73mm - with box
Weight: 135g (unit) - 215g (with box)
Finish: ABS Plastic with Gloss finish
Packaging: Luxury retail style gift box
Commodity Code: 8518309590
Automatic Short Circuit and Surge Protection Built-In, Keeping You Safe.
Built-in mic with answer button feature.
Soft cushion head pad and ear pads for ultimate comfort.


Using Your PowerBeats With Your Device

Insert the 3.5mm earphone jack on the PowerBeats into your device's 3.5mm audio socket. The device's audio output will now play through your PowerBeats.

Answer Button Feature

If connected to your mobile phone, calls can be answered using the answer button. You can then enjoy your conversation using the built-in microphone, with no need to disconnect your PowerBuds.


Type: Resin Dome Decal
Decal Size: 51mm diameter circle
Colours: White or Black


All products are generally guaranteed to be free from defects within 1 year after delivery to your supplier. This means although 1 year warranty is offered on your unit, you will need to contact your supplier for the exact warranty date. Due to these procedures we generally offer an extra month on the warranty to account for possible delays in the unit reaching the end user.

The unit is covered for any defects within this warranty period with the exception of general wear and tear caused by frequent use.

We will cover any defect in the LED or LID systems due to wiring faults, soldering faults or casing deformations. If an international short circuit or intentional malicious damage is found the unit is not covered under warranty.

Units that have been opened by any part or accidently damaged by any users or suppliers are not covered.