Capacity: 2,200mAh
Cable: 12cm Micro-USB
Battery Type: A-Grade Lithium-Polymer
Circuit Board: A-Grade
Input: 5V ≤ 1,000 mA
Output: 5V ≤ 1,000 mA
Life Cycles: 500+
Unit Size: 90x55x7mm
Finish: Matt finish
Packaging: White card box
Commodity Code: 8518210000
Automatic Short Circuit and Surge Protection Built-In, Keeping You Safe.
Red/Green/Blue light to signal charging/recharging.

Optional Extras

• iPhone 4 30-pin cable
• iPhone 5/6 Lightning cable
• iPhone 5/6 Lightning adaptor for Micro-USB cable
PowerLink Multi-Cable


Recharge Time: Approximately 3-5 hours
Discharge Time: Approximately 1-3 hours
Charging time variations attributed to different capacities and USB ports providing different power outputs, and also all Mobile Devices having significant variations in accepted recharge speed.


Step 1 | Charging Your Unit: Using the provided Micro-USB cable, plug the unit into a USB port capable of charging. The unit's red light will turn on to signify that it is now charging. It takes approximately 3-4 hours to fully charge. Once fully charged, the blue light on the unit will turn on.

Step 2 | Connecting Your Unit To A Mobile Device: When your device needs charging, connect the unit using our supplied universal cable or your device's original USB charging cable. The unit's green light will turn on to signify it is charging your device. It takes approximately 1-2 hours to fully charge your device. Once the unit has transferred all of it's power, the light on the unit will turn off.


Problems Charging The Unit

If the light doesn't turn on after plugging it in...
• Make sure the unit is not already fully charged by connecting it to a mobile device. If it lights up, it already has power.
• Make sure you have connected to the 'Micro-USB input' of the device and not the 'USB output'.
• Make sure the USB output of your computer or other device supports charging, some USB ports, particularly on older devices, do not output power and therefore can not charge the unit. Try charging from a different device.
• Make sure you are using the provided Micro-USB charging cabled. If the unit is not charging using this cable, try an alternative cable to discover if this is the problem.
• If you are not using the provided charging cable, make sure the cable you are using supports charging, some Micro-USB cabled supplied with mobile phones or other devices will only charge particular devices.

Problems Charging Your Mobile Device With The Unit

If the light doesn't turn on after plugging the unit into the device...
• The unit may have entered short-circuit protection mode. This can happen when you are using a faulty cable or the wiring of the cable is not compatible with your mobile device. As a safety feature the unit will shut down to avoid damaging the mobile device. To reset the unit, plug it back in to charge using the provided Micro-USB cable and retry charging your device with a different cable that is compatible with your device.
• Make sure your mobile device is not already fully charged. Fully charged devices may cause the unit's light to flicker.
• Please check the cable you are trying to use is capable of charging by testing it with another device or unit. Some cables, particularly those provided with older devices may be data-only cables.
• Older mobile devices may support the connection but not accept charging via USB. Check the manual of the device you are trying to charge to see if your device is compatible.

The unit is fully charged and lights up when connected to my device, but nothing happens...
• A small percentage of mobile devices are wired to be incompatible with universal cables. If this is the case, try your device's original charging cable or seek assistance about compatible cables from the device's manufacturer.
• The majority of iPhones, iPods and iPads will charge with the universal cable, however, we are aware that some customers with a particular OSX, firmware version, or handset have experienced problems when using third party charging cables. If this happens please use your own original Apple charging cable.


The Unit Is Getting Hot.
This is a perfectly normal feature of all batteries when in use. But don't worry our unit is made from Lithium-Polymer, one of the safest, heat-resistant batteries on the market.

The Light On The Unit Is Flickering When Charging.
Some devices use a charging method which pulses energy into the device. This causes a flickering effect on the unit and is perfectly normal.

The Light On The Unit Flickers And Stops Charging When I Move The Device Or Unit.
Our provided cables are of extremely high quality, please check the cable connection incase of a loose cable. Or try replacing the cable.
If the replacement cable does not solve the problem, contact the supplying company to see if a return option is available.

The Unit Only Charged The Device For A Short Time And The Light Turned Off.
This rarely happens and it is not normal unless the Unit was only partially charged.
There is a possibility the charging of the Unit was interrupted, this can happen on devices that turn off power output on their USB ports when entering standby mode or if it is not actively in use in order to save power.
If this happens try recharging the unit from a stable USB power source and ensure it does not enter sleep or standby mode.
The unit should normally take 2-5 hours to fully charge, if this doesn't happen, please try recharging the unit from an alternative source.


Type: Resin Dome Decal
Decal Size: 86.8x50.4mm - with 1mm radius corners
Colours: White or Black
Pantone matching available free of charge on orders of 2,500 units or above.


All products are generally guaranteed to be free from defects within 1 year after delivery to your supplier. This means although 1 year warranty is offered on your unit, you will need to contact your supplier for the exact warranty date. Due to these procedures we generally offer an extra month on the warranty to account for possible delays in the unit reaching the end user.

The unit is covered for any defects within this warranty period with the exception of general wear and tear caused by frequent use.

We will cover any defect in the LED or LID systems due to wiring faults, soldering faults or casing deformations. If an international short circuit or intentional malicious damage is found the unit is not covered under warranty.

Units that have been opened by any part or accidently damaged by any users or suppliers are not covered.